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Head Start

Head Start is a nationwide program that serves expectant families and children age birth to five who meet income guidelines. These families experience activities that help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Families leave Head Start excited about learning and ready to succeed in all future settings.

Head Start, operated by Douglass Community Services, is free of charge to participating families. Enrolled families spend quality time with their children during program activities. DCS Head Start is funded by a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services/ACF. Head Start is supported by community partners through contributions of time and money.

Douglass Community Services Head Start serves eight counties in Northeast Missouri. Head Start offers several program options to accommodate families' changing needs. Children (3-5) participate in classroom experiences, and families are visited in the home several times during the year by Head Start staff.

DCS Early Head Start is a program serving pregnant women, infants, and toddlers (0-3). DCS Early Head Start has center based and home based option services for children and families.

Our educational program is based on a hands-on exploration style of learning. Each child will be challenged to work at the edge of his or her abilities in classrooms that are individualized, child initiated/teacher supported, non-biased, and safe for all children. Children are encouraged to make their own choices and solve their own problems through engaging in conversations, and exchanging ideas. Families are encouraged to participate in the planning of their child's Head Start experience. In our home based options, parents learn to plan these activities for their children.

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We can always use volunteers to assist our Head Start program. Please call 573.221.3892 if interested in volunteering.



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